Sunday, July 20, 2008

Archidex 2008

This is the first time i joined the Datum Conference during the annual Archidex exhibition organized by Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM). I represented my company with 2 other colleagues and my boss (of course he joined coz he paid for it!!) This Datum is actually a talk by famous architects all over the world namely USA, The Netherlands, Korea, China, Japan etc and also malaysia over 2 days period. Mostly they were all about their current works which i found very2 interesting.. and i managed not to sleep over the full days talks :) And the 'makan-makan' was good, served by KL Convention Centre catering..

The famous architects answering questions from participants.

The building that changed colours from this..

to this...

and also into this..

This is the Mercedes Benz's Museum in Germany seen from above..

The museum's elevation with interlocking facade of glass & concrete..

the interior of the museum.. marvelous!

A scaled model from a local firm, mimicking the sailing ships..

Some of the work exhibition from the firms.. some very interesting but some still very2 ordinary..

Guess.. where's this building?!!!?

More work exhibition by others..

This is the building products' exhibition held concurrently during the Archidex.. Anyway, it was fun to join these kind of events once in a while and met other fellow architects especially my coursemates who some i never met since graduated. Many are preparing to sit for the exam.. some doing well in firms and others choose to settle down with government agencies all over Malaysia. The event ignited some core questions about what my next step... emm :)