Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy birthday bro!

Birthday boy..

On the last 15th January, my office mate cum my assistant just celebrate his birthday. We were so busy with datelines that made me almost forgot his birthday. As i couldn't grab him on his birthday, i asked him to go for dinner on the next day. Thinking of he is a diehard fan of japanese food, same like me lah.. i decided to kidnap him to my favourite place - Shogun which is in One Utama Shopping Centre.

Shogun - The Japanese Buffet Restaurant
Whenever I ate japanese buffet, these would be the first i grabbed.. the most favourite :) From left to right - raw tuna, delicious raw salmon shashimi, strips of abalone with fish roe, seaweed, raw squid & last but not least the japanese soy sauce with wasabi... lots of them.. wow! Best sgt2.. Unfortunately, this is the only photo i managed to capture as right after i snapped.. the waiter came to me and said, "sorry sir.. photo taking is not allowed".. Mujur tak hilang selera. What to do.
After a few rounds of 'melantak'.. i went out for smoking. So these two shots were taken during that time. The hanging bridge is next to Shogun which i found out quite interesting with space frame structure and glass. The curvy planes gave a beautiful perspective which i think was intended to look hanging. Nice try..

The birthday boy - from paparazzi point of view
We went back to office fully loaded after 2 hours with the bill reaching RM120. I think it was worth spent especially for a guy who always do his job competently and be there for me whenever i have datelines. Thanx bro.. i really appreciate it.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A dot.. a beginning of 2008/1429

A dot is the beginning of every single thing we do. The starting point of anything in time & space. For me, it's the starting point of my life's new chapter.. I wish a better of everything for myself, my career, my family & my supportive beloved friends. Happy New Year 2008! But, i'm 12 days late to wish :)

So sorry, especially to my close friends.. coz my work load really demand my full attention regardless of time and space. At this stage of any project, it is 'biasa' to go back at 4 or 5 in the morning while come back later around 9 am. Meetings are almost everyday. Changes in design is inevitable coz client is always right! To me whatever you do, need sacrifices.. a lot of them in order to be a very successful person. So, what to do? 'Alah, tutup mata.. redah jer!' I also try to reduce my stress by forcing myself to do some physical activities after work.

Anyway, i think it is not too late to wish all bloggers Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Islam 1429! Fiat Sapienta Virtus..