Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bukit Tabur

I haven't been to any climbing quite sometime, but last weekend after going through my monthly hated client's board meeting presentation.. i gave a go to a friend's invitation. I was quite sceptical about the climbing after hearing past incidents, the multi-obstacles etc from my office mate who had been there before. But who cares.. i think i need to do it as a preparation for my big climbing.. so i did.

There were a few of us with my friend, a.k.a. the guy who did it 38 times plus kinabalu etc lead the team. We met at a Taman Melawati petrol station around 8.30 am saturday (usually i never wake up yet :)) and convoyed to the Klang Gate Dam entrance. We parked our cars, did some stretching, double checked our water bottles, snacks etc and started our climbing.

The beginning of the trail was challenging enough to put my breath short and fast until reaching the first tier within 10 minutes. It was 75 degree earth slope climbing, went through trees and bushes. My friend told us that there was once, one of his friend passed out at the first tier because not fit enough.

The dam after 20 minutes climb started to visible.

Ulu Klang Gate Dam visible from 1/4 of the trail after passing through a few stops.

One of my friend and I just arrived. My body was sweating all over and it was feeling good!

We reached down hill around 1.30pm after went through a mix adventure of trekking, rock climbing, abseiling, crawling etc of slopes ranging from 45 - 90 degree with gratefulness, satisfaction and proud. The last trek was descending through a fruit orchard and a rubber estate before entering the compound of a low rise apartment facing the hill.

To me, the main tip is to be extra careful as people tend to misjudge the nature. Some unfortunate miscalculation proved fatal for some cases especially when people slipped and fell from several storeys high rock cliff, which i recently knew happened to my good friend's uncle 6 years ago at the same place.

Nevertheless, it never discourage me from exploring the nature as the best lesson is always from the mother nature itself. My adventure and passion will definitely continue.


M@x said...

Cool view!

håirie-KL said... view... bile nk gi lagi?

axim said...

i love to feel sweating all over my body...really feel good like you did!!

Arel said...

Max - The view is marvelous indeed!

Axim - :) come and join me next time then! Kinabalu?

Shah said...

Dah lama aku tak panjat2 bukit nampak cam best jer. Tapi confirm dari pagi sampai ke malam baru turun balik asyik stop rehat je

syukur said...

mmm. one of the healthy activity that tests your endurance and stamina... it is good that you managed to finish the track...bravooo.

Josh said...

I'd been there twice, wait.. three times.. and I LOVE the place. Especially if you go there early in the morning, like 6.30am. BEAUTIFUL!

Ehem... more frequent update please.. hehehe

Beruang Madu said...

Tengkiu for the post.. walau Abg Bear tak dapat nak manjat manjat tinggi2 nih kalau dapat tengok gambar pun dah syukur sangat lah... bestnya ... sesungguhnya bagi orang macam I nih, berada di kedudukan yg tinggi sangat menggembirakan... udara lebih segar, pandangan lebih cantik... kalau boleh Abg Bear nak berumah kt puncak Gunung Jerai sana

Arel said...

Hey everybody :) Sorry lambat release comments as i was on MC leave since Wednesday. Thanx for all of the supports..

Shah - Jom gi panjat2 bukit, kalau u lambat pun i tolong tarik naik :)

Syukur - Jom jugak.. ko minat tak?

Josh - Dah pernah smpai? Seriously view tempaT tu mmg best.. luv it coz it just in KL but the intensity of the adventure is great!

BM - I tahu abg kalau bukit2, hutan2 mmg suka.. adventurous sgt! Bila dah sihat jom ler

axim said...

bila nak pi Kinabalu???NAK JOIINNNN!!!!

*tanak ajak ker..kan kita sekapal...hehe

Arel said...

Axim - Aku gi Gunung Kinabalu dr 9-12 Ogos.. jom ler. So far berdua je wt my younger bro. Climbing semua tgh uruskan lg.. but better fast coz everyday, no. of climbers are limited up there. Hopefully u can join.. Anything detail kena discuss further :)

Josh said...

Update, update. ;-P

Kembara Musafir said...

huaaa... best climbing2 nih... scenery memang cantek...!! sekali sekala buat activity camni memang puas ati...

crewcut75 said...

Looks great, I've always wanted to go!